CarbOthello Pencils
Losing my beloved dog Gracie was heartbreaking. Receiving a pastel of her from Cheryl was beyond heartwarming! Cheryl’s process of doing a pastel is excellent. She sends along pictures at different stages which is amazing to see! She asks how you feel about different aspects and makes changes if needed. Having a perfect place to hang my pastel and with the right lighting, it comes to life! Cheryl has a beautiful talent.

Susan – Washington, USA
I received two of the most amazing Christmas gifts, pastel portraits of my three babies, Fritter, Joey, and Willow. The way you captured each of their personalities is incredible. You can see Fritter’s love for me in his eyes, Joey’s big boss attitude, and Willow’s playful excitement. To be able to create art that evokes feeling as you have is truly a talent and gift worth sharing. Thank you again.

Erin – Ontario, Canada
Cheryl captured both of my unique dogs so eloquently in her portraits. The portrait of Louie is magical, detailing the ombré shades of his coat, the fringed tuffs of fur behind his ears, and his curious eyes when he is waiting on you is an impossible talent. The portrait of Luca is captivating, Cheryl re-created his compelling eyes with their unique colour, the little wrinkles on his face, and the grim line of his muzzle when he isn’t impressed perfectly. Highly recommend.

Iesha and Scott – B.C., Canada
Cheryl captures the essence of her subjects through expression and precision. The time and care she puts into transitioning colours, edges and final composition makes her a uniquely gifted realism artist. The work she created of my son River on his 1st birthday even included the little glint of cheekiness in his eye that we love so much. I suspect the portrait will become a family heirloom that will be coveted by future generations.

Cassie – Ontario, Canada
Cheryl captured our bloodhound Vino perfectly in the piece she did for us. From the tufts of hair, to her white patch on her chest, to the expression in her eyes…Cheryl nailed it! She created a beautiful portrait of our pup that will be cherished deeply for years to come!

Haley – Ontario, Canada
Cheryl, I love the pastel of my wife Shannon. I am amazed at the detail you have included. You have perfectly captured her beautiful smile that I fell in love with. This pastel proudly hangs on our wall of family pictures.
Thank you so much.

Fred – Ontario, Canada
Thanks again for the pastel of Rusty and Blue. It’s wonderful! When I first looked at it, I asked if it was a photograph. The fine detail is fantastic and clear. It will proudly find a place on my wall.

Rick – Ontario, Canada
Cheryl you truly are gifted. You have an amazing way of capturing both my dogs’ personalities in your art. The details you put into Jax and Brody are extraordinary.

Kelly – Ontario, Canada
Cheryl , we can’t thank you enough for the art work of Athena. This was a gift for my 29 year old nephew who adores his dog. When receiving this portrait he was emotional. You’re a very talented artist who outdid yourself on such exact replica of his dog. It’s framed and hanging on his wall. Thank you again for an amazing job.

Rosie – Ontario, Canada
I received a custom pastel drawing of our Chocolate Lab, Mabel, for Christmas and it is by far my most treasured gift. From the light in her eyes to her spotted nose and her crooked little nails…the likeness and personality of “our girl” is uncanny. Cheryl is truly a master at her craft. Thank you!

Becky – B.C., Canada

I was gifted a portrait of Bane and Batman for Christmas and could not believe that Cheryl was able to capture two of my prized possessions in one drawing. Their personalities are clearly visible and they look amazing in the pastel. I’m a huge advocate of supporting local small businesses and have a place in my heart a little deeper for ‘single’ women and mothers in businesses for themselves tapping into their passions to make a living. Cheryl has found hers and has poured all of that passion into our one little drawing. 

Heidi – B.C., Canada
I cried when I saw the beautiful portrait that Cheryl created of my dog, Seymour. Through her exceptional gifts with light and detail, Cheryl captured the essence of my pup in such a sweet way. I am so grateful to have this wonderful piece of art and thankful that Cheryl is using her amazing artistic abilities for pet owners like me. Thank you, Cheryl!

Lauri – B.C., Canada